Things That We Should Know About Gymnastics for Young Children

Gymnastics is a combination of creative movement and skill development designed to enhance your child’s sense of confidence. A gym program for toddlers and young children will combine games for children with music and physical activity.

* What You Need To Know About Gymnastics for Young Children

Enrolling young children in Gymnastics provides them, at a basic level, with physical, social and life skills that will help them on the playground, in the gym and in most aspects of life. Classes for children ages three to six provide a variety of structured activities to get kids moving, while developing healthy habits and skills.

Most children are in constant movement. They jump, hop, wiggle, roll around and express themselves in physical ways. That creative energy can be channeled, through structured activities, into opportunities for learning. In the kids’ gym environment, individual and group learning are emphasized through a combination of activities designed to promote the development of mental, physical and social skills.

* Providing Structured Activities for Children

The parent provides the guidance for children to learn and grow. As part of their socialization children need exposure to other children and adults. Interacting and playing with kids their own age develops social skills, cooperative play and other important socialization necessary for success as they move out into the larger world. Learning to follow directions from other adults will help prepare children for school.

In a gym program children are normally groups by age or skill level, in a structure that will encourage group participation. With older children, activities reflect their ability to interact with their peers. At every age the focus is on movement, fun and age-appropriate skill development.

* Gym Programs Build Skills and Confidence

Enrolling little girls and boys in gymnastic programs does not mean we want them to become an Olympic Gymnast. But, children who enroll in activity programs, like those in gym programs, will grow up with a great sense of confidence, a willingness to try new things and exposure to active, healthy life skills.

Gym programs offer activities for children as part of a comprehensive, research based curriculum which is led by a well trained staff. The Little Gym helps children build physical, mental and social skills through a three-dimensional learning model. Classes are designed to let kids move freely, play, listen to music and experience success in a non-competitive atmosphere. It’s a fun-filled space, whether your child is enrolled in gymnastics, karate, dance or sports skills.